A short background story:
An amateur photographer, I have experienced some difficulty in reaching a wider public with my work outside my immediate circle of friends and local photographic club.
This has led to my enlisting the help of my son, an experienced web-site designer, to create my personal Website, with a selection of my pictures.
The result speaks for itself.
I hope that you will take pleasure in your visit to “elley.nl”.

In photographing local scenes, my interest in them slowly grew to a passion for all the facets of the river and its moods, reflected in the ever changing of light and shade on the surface of the water and the surrounding countryside.
Fascinated by the subjects available to me, flora, insects, bridges buildings and the busy river traffic, I decided to dedicate a whole series of photographs to them and collect them in the present web-site portfolio.
Experimenting with lighting effects and enlarging selected details of some objects to abstract proportions has I feel, increased the artistic appeal of the collection and hopefully, will help to contribute to your enjoyment of the Website.

The photos are divided into the 4 galleries shown below.